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Have Awareness

Happiness… is not from someone to you, it is from you realizing that it is inside yourself all along! – Jing

Awareness Healing
Classes & Services

  • Awareness Healing and Coaching

  • Happy Eating Practices

  • Happy Healing Hour

  • Miracle Parties

  • Non-Denominational Ministry

Jing Liu's Awareness Services 

Hello, Beautiful Soul!  

I provide services as a Registered dietitian nutritionist, Mindfulness teacher & Energy healer and coach since year 2000.  These services can be offered in English, Mandarin and Cantonese. 

Jing's Calling

I grew up in family lines with many deaths related to food and nutrition.  They include food poisoning, malnutrition, gallbladder disease and gastric cancer.  All of which can be prevented and lessen the suffering.  I was called to a journey of breaking these family traditions and karma.  Along the way, I've learned and developed methods to help myself, my family and my clients to reset one's choices for a brighter life.       


Help people to gain awareness of one's life experiences, so one has more clarity to make choices that are more in alignment with one's higher self moving forward. 

Teach practices that help people to heal oneself for better health and more happiness! 

I welcome you to contact me for a FREE 15 minutes consultation!

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Food and Drink


Awareness is the bridge to connecting one's consciousness and unconsciousness. 
It can be used by anyone to increase one's happiness and improve one's health at anytime! 


“She...helped me get through stuck energies in different aspects of life...I felt much lighter and at peace... my kids...eczema and excessive crying at daycare...gone...I really appreciate Jing's work!"


"...Jing...very insightful, positive, and friendly.  She has a way of nurturing confidence with those...have little experience in the art of healing and energy work....greatly helped...anxious feelings...I felt empowered...clarity and understanding of my own healing energies. 

Ya San

"It was a pleasure to attend Jing's awareness class... gave me a time to pause and recognize ... beautiful things I have and around me."

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