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Happy Eating Practice

Happy Eating Practices are created to help increase your awareness and improve your experience.  You will get the following with each purchase:

1) Audio recording of introduction and guided practice.   

2) Worksheet to enhance your practice experience. 

3) Invitation to online gatherings for guided practices and Q/A sessions.    

* Click on the images below for more information.


level 1

Eating as General Practice.

Free of charge.


level 2

2a) Eating with self;

2b) Eating with authorities;

2c) Eating with kids;

2d) Eating with peers;

2e) Eating with parents;

2f) Eating with strangers.


level 3

3a) Eating for body weight & fat;

3b) Eating for blood pressure;

3c) Eating for blood sugar;

3d) Eating for mood & cravings;

3e) Eating for energy imbalance;

3f) Eating for immunity & allergies.

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